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Body Recomposition Nutrition

Changing your body composition refers to altering the ratio of fat and muscle in your body. The goal is to achieve a more favorable body composition for improved health, physical performance, and appearance.


Recomposition nutrition is for:

  • Competent gym goers

  • Beginner 

  • Starting a cutting phase but want to minimise muscle loss

  • Wishing to gain size and muscle 

  • Performance and recovery in the gym

  • The general population that wants to improve in the gym and gain strength 

Full Recomposition intermediate-advanced 

We are going through multiple bulking and cutting phases. This does take time, but if you are committed, 1 year is the preferable time. 

Cutting phase 

Depending on how much muscle mass you want to cut, it varies between individuals and will require at least 3+ months of commitment.


Muscle and size minimise fat increase 

all vary depending on the individual 


Recomposition Beginner

As a beginner, this is where you make the most improvement and transformation, especially in body re-comp. Start early and see the best results.   

  I cannot work with any bodybuilders cutting for a show or competition.

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