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Sports Performance 

Get to your peak performance with your nutrition. 

Here we focus on fueling and giving your self the energy your body needs and aid in recovery so you can do it all again the next day. 

Performance also structures how different your days might be with fueling for competiton day, game day or a weekly tournament. 

you need to fuel properly to be able to perform. 

Rugby Stadium

Performance nutrition is for:

  • Team sport

  • Individual athletes

  • Off season weight gain or loss

  • Recovery 

  • Game day\race day prep

  • Tournament preparation

  • General population that want to improve in there hobbies or gym 

Weight change for an athlete

This should be prioritised at the start of the off season to give yourself time to create the composition change and then be able to focus on performance nutrition. 

Prepping for tournament/competition day 

 Give yourself adequate time preferably start nutrition 3+ months prior to a competition. especially if you are new to performance nutrition. we are still able to work together if we have less time. 


Team and individual sport athlete

Best to join pre-season, so strategies can be in place for when the season starts, with ongoing monitoring and support throughout the season.  

Individual athletes with competitions spread throughout the year, preferably join up 3-6 months before the most important competition. 


It doesn't matter if you have 4 or 6 months till a competition or in the middle of the season it is valuable to start somewhere, these are rough guidelines and can change with different individuals. 


Baseball Team

Sport Teams 

If you are enquiring about a sports team or group of athletes, contact me directly to organise what is best for your team.  

If you are enquiring about individual athletes, click the link for your first free call.  

Sport teams 

Individual Athlete

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