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Frequently asked questions 

Can you work with medical conditions?

I am not able to work with health conditions because they are outside my scope of practice, and you may have to refer to a dietitian. However, with clearance from your GP or other health specialist stating that any change to your diet will not negatively impact your health, we can work together! 

Before we start working together, every member goes through a metabolic health screen to determine whether we can work together or need clearance. 

Do you do meal plans? 

Yes, I can do meal plans, but I very rarely use them unless for a competition day. Most of the time, you don't want to follow a plan blindly, and they are very restrictive, so if you are able to stick with it for longer than two weeks when you get off of it, you're most likely to yo-yo back. 

Can you help me with getting into a weight catagory for my sport? 

I can do weight loss categories over a longer period of time. I can not do acute weight loss strategies to get into a weight category for a sport, e.g., water cuts for bodybuilding or boxing fights. 
But I can do weight-changing strategies in the off-season of rugby for a specific position.

I can not do bodybuilding competition prep.
Or acute weight cuts for a fighting sport. 

I have had REDS can you help me? 

I would refer you to a dietition spicifically a sports dietition as this is a high risk concern

Can you work with Diabetes

No I can not work with clients with diabetes, even with doctors clearance.

Do you work with budget in mind

Yes, I work within your food budget and what you like and living scenarios in mind whether you are a mother or live in a flat. 

What happens if I only want numbers and less check ins

The best thing to do is get in touch and we can figure out a plan

I am a semi profecional athlete and compete at a high level can you work with me 

I'm sorry, but I am not allowed to work with high-stakes professional or semi-professional athletes if you get paid in any way. When my diploma is completed, we will be able to work together. 

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