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policies and engagement Terms 

When you book your first paid call you accept the policies and terms of engagment. 

If you have any questions regarding these please send me a message. 

Payment policies 

Payment Terms and Conditions 

Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due at the time of your appointment. Late Payments over 7 days will be subject to a $5 administration fee. If overdue payments exceed over 14 days services will be put on hold until rectified.

- Direct bank deposit is the preferred payment option in 4 week or 3 month sums unless otherwise agreed upon. You will be provided with these details at the end of your first appointment. 

- We do accept debit and credit card payment methods through a weekly subscription or a 3 month upfront payment, these payments incur a 3% transaction fee from our payment processor (Stripe).

-When paying in advance there are no refunds.

You are able to put your membership on pause for a later date. (not exceeding 6 months)

Service policies

Video Calls and Online Check-Ins:

A video call will be held every fortnight, unless otherwise specified. On the opposite weeks, an online check-in will be conducted via email, unless otherwise specified.

The Client is responsible for scheduling and booking the video calls.

In the event of a missed session, no refunds or extensions of service time will be provided, unless mutually agreed upon 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.


Communication Response Time:

I will aim to respond to Client inquiries or messages within 24 hours. If I have not responded within 48 hours, it is encouraged to resend the message or email, as it may have been inadvertently missed.

Termination and cancellation

Cancellation Terms

-Cancellation 48hr+  prior to your scheduled call you are able to re book at the next available time.

-Cancellation between 2-45hr prior to your scheduled appointment you are able to book for the following week unless otherwise discussed.

-Cancellation within 2hr of your scheduled appointment is now seen as a no show and you are unable to reschedule. We will continue at your next fortnightly appointment (no extension of time will be granted and no refunds available.)

Termination Policies

We recommend providing a 30-day cancellation notice to allow for proper preparation for graduation.

For cancellations within 3 months of starting we kindly request a written 7-day cancellation notice.

If you have prepaid for services, please be aware that when terminating you forfeit the remaining portion of the services (no refunds)

If you have pre-paid, you can pause your membership and continue at a later date (not exceeding 6 months.)  

Furthermore, it is acknowledged that I retain the right to terminate services at any point due to specified conditions, exercising a 7-day notice period, as outlined in Section 9.d of the engagement terms. (no refund applicable)

Refund Policies

Refunds will only be considered under the following circumstances:

-Inability to engage in services for a duration exceeding 3 months due to medical reasons.

-Relocation overseas.

Refunds will only be granted if these situations are discussed and documented.

Full Engagment Terms And Conditions 

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