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Hi All!!

Allow me to share a brief story that sheds light on the driving force behind my endeavours and why I've chosen to shape my business based on my personal experiences. It is not just about who I am but also the deeply rooted motivations that inform aspects of what I do.

All About Me & SBSN

Profile Picture of Sera Boyd

I've been passionate about sports since my early childhood, always engaging in competitive sports and continuously striving for improvement. My fascination with nutrition and food science ignited when I was around 16 during high school. This journey began as I sought ways to optimise my performance and navigate the complexities of weight management and performance. Like many, I've faced my fair share of challenges and setbacks.

My dedication to nutrition strategies and their underlying principles stems from my personal experiences. This is why I structure my programs around cultivating the right mindset, shaping behaviours, and overcoming life's barriers rather than fixating on the elusive "perfect" diet.

You won't find any 6-week crash diet plans here. My commitment lies in equipping you with the tools and knowledge to sustain your journey long-term rather than achieving a short-lived goal that's impossible to maintain. I firmly believe there's no such thing as "good" or "bad" foods; it's all about moderation and reason. After all, who wants to be the person meticulously counting calories at a birthday party and depriving themselves of cake? No unnecessary restrictions.


NZIS Personal training Lv 4

NZIS Advanced health and fitness coach Lv 5 

SNA Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition

(Current) IOPN Diploma in Sports Nutrition EQF LV 7
Post Graduate Diploma 


+64 219 34189



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